Some of Montreal’s most well-known meals are poutine and meat sandwiches from Schwartz’s. But the city’s treasure is the Montreal bagel. Many people contend that this traditional baked treat is superior to New York bagels, even taking a stand against them. We’re not here to judge which of these opponents from North America is superior. After all, there is no comparison between the bagels prepared in Montreal and New York.

Bagel etc.

bagel etc

Leonard Cohen’s favorite hangout was rumored to be Bagel Etc. The Canadian singer-standard songwriter’s order, according to Eater Montreal, was a bagel, bacon, eggs, and an allongĂ©. A Bagel Etc owner once informed the media that Leonard Cohen “was and always will be a great friend of the Bagel” in addition to being a breakfast hotspot that is well-liked by the general public.

One variety of bagel is offered at this particular Montreal diner: sesame. It’s a safe bet to include it on the menu since it appears to be the most popular bagel in the city. There is at least one kind of cream cheese and smoked salmon toppings available, according to the DoorDash page for Bagel Etc. Additionally, a variety of breakfast platters featuring potatoes, eggs, and protein are available here. According to reports, bagels are purchased from Fairmount, a local Montreal bagel restaurant. Not just Bagel Etc. purchases goods from other bakeries. Several other names on the list are taken from St-Viateur, a rival of Fairmount.



One of the oldest places on this list is Beautys Luncheonette, which first opened its doors in 1942. It is more than simply a bagel shop; it is a retro diner with a sizable menu. According to the menu, “Mish-Mash,” an egg hash made with hot dogs, salami, green bell peppers, and onions, is Beautys’ most well-known dish.

The selection of bagels at Beautys is modest. A sesame seed bagel, as shown on the restaurant’s Instagram, is available. There are few possibilities for cream cheese as well. The “Beautys Special,” also known as the “Big Mac,” is a smoked salmon bagel sandwich with tomato, red onion, and capers and is the item to order when it comes to bagel sandwiches.

Hinnawi Bros Bagels & Cafe

hinnawi bros bagels

This establishment, like the previous two, purchases its bagels from St-Viateur rather than making them on-site. It implies that Hinnawi lacks a unique bagel-making formula or process. The bagels might not always be as fresh, according to this theory. Bagels delivered that morning are a touch stale by lunchtime. At least one Yelp user reported seeing this at Hinnawi.

R.E.A.L. Bagels

real bagels

Montreal’s R.E.A.L. Bagel is a bagel shop concealed behind an unassuming storefront and relaxed decor. But repeat customers boast about their decades-long support, claiming that the food is anything but average (via Restaurant Guru). The store’s wood-fired oven is used to make the hard-shelled Montreal-style bagels. You’ll notice R.E.A.L.’s goodies’ golden-brown color before you experience the crunch.

This restaurant serves traditional bagel flavors like everything, poppy seed, and sesame seed, which are particularly well-liked in Montreal. As part of the rainbow bagel fad, it has also sold trendier, more multicolored bagels. R.E.A.L. Bagel produced blue bagels for Hanukkah and red, green, and white bagels for Christmas, as seen on Instagram. For Valentine’s Day, it even introduced a red and white bagel in the shape of a heart. Some people may be interested in these tacky offerings, but others may not.

Dizz’s Bagels

dizzs bagels

The Dizz’s Bagels founders have extensive knowledge of the Montreal bagel industry. The website states that Dizz’s first location debuted in 1995. A second one began operating in the Pointe-Claire neighborhood in 2019. According to Dizz’s Bagels online, both sites are renowned among the city’s chefs for their “hand-rolled, hearth-fired bagels, complete with a secret ingredient that gives them a hint of sweetness.”

According to the menu, traditional bagel tastes include sesame seed, poppy seed, and pumpernickel. More innovative bagel flavors are also available, like rainbow and french toast. The toppings selection includes both common and uncommon items. There are alternatives for scallion and lox schmears as well as uncommon tastes like birthday cake and black truffle cream cheese. There are several bagel sandwiches on the breakfast menu for those who like a heartier bagel. Even a side of latkes and sour cream is available. Even for a bagel shop, Dizz’s menu is distinctive. It’s a delightful fusion of the unexpected and craveable.