Montreal is unforgettable by day and also by night. You can enjoy a good boisson (drink) and exquisite dishes while connecting closely with the youthful spirit of Canadian culture, and especially the French roots of this area. Get to know the 5 bars in Montreal that you cannot miss.

Bar de Courselle

bar de courselle

In the Sanit Henri neighborhood you will find one of the busiest bars in Montreal. And it’s not for nothing that he usually receives so many people. The Bar de Courselle stands out for its variety of à la carte drinks. If you fancy a beer, draft or bottle, a typical cocktail or the drink that you like the most, ask for it and cheers!

But there are not only drinks in the Bar de Courselle. The cheese, potatoes and vegan food entrees also stand out and are ideal to accompany them with live music, open mic and a vintage-style atmosphere. You have a date? You can’t miss this place!

Le Jockey

le jockey

More than suitable to celebrate whatever you want with friends, you have Bar Le Jockey, located in the heart of the Rosemont neighborhood, this bar is known for its festive atmosphere with live music sessions, impro, stand up comedy Mondays and many other things that make this place a mandatory stop. Any excuse is good to enjoy.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the extensive drinks menu. Une bière? Oui, monsieur! Bar Le Jockey is a good place to practice your French.



Known as “the gem of the Plateau” in reference to one of the most representative neighborhoods of Montreal, this gastronomic bar has a very varied menu to offer. Here you can order food of all kinds, including tacos, tofu, ribs, and vegan burgers.

If you’re walking down Rue Roy East del Plateau, wanting to explore the best bars in Montreal and, oh, chance, you find 156, come on in! Don’t miss the Else’s food and drink menu, which also offers a super relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.



If what you are looking for is, literally, to treat yourself to luxury, then you cannot miss out on Bar Nacarat, in the Queen Elizabeth hotel. Here you breathe sophistication and elegance. But that is not all.

The menu, from one of the best-known bars in Montreal, offers you a wide variety of signature cocktails such as Nacarat is the new black or P’tit Louis. Special mention to the wines, champagnes and gourmet food that includes tataki salmon, ceviches and caviar.

Les Foufounes Electriques

les foufounes electriques

This is the most youthful place among the bars in Montreal and maybe the whole of Canada. Attended mainly by students, Les Foufounes Electriques has dance floors, billiard rooms, and three stages, where bands such as Nirvana and Green Day have performed. Now do you understand why our excitement?

The musical events are on Thursdays, although they open every day from 4pm. There is also a showroom for art lovers. Anything else? Yes. You can order beer from $2.50 CDN. The drink is very accessible, as long as you are of legal age, obviously.