Food trucks are the new Montreal rage. These restaurants on wheels have managed to conquer the most exquisite palates in the city with their delicious food. In addition, many of them offer revolutionary dishes, which have been born from traditional dishes such as the famous poutine.



Winneburger is a truck from the 80s transformed into an excellent gastronomic space that has the city of Montreal as its home. This truck is managed by the Nouveau Palais restaurant, and in the same style as this one, Winneburger prepares dishes combining the old with the new. This food truck offers fresh, cheap and varied food, so that its customers are always happy. Within their menu, of course, they also have some vegetarian options to satisfy those who are not fans of meat.

Queen B.

queen burger

Like everyone on this list, Queen Burger also works in the city of Montreal. A beautiful and diverse city, which stands out among all the cities in Canada. What Queen Burger offers are Mexican burritos, but combining flavors from many parts of the world. This makes their food very attractive to people from different cultures, since almost anyone can try one of their options and it will look familiar and of course delicious. The burritos combine traditional Mexican flavors such as al pastor meat, but accompanied with totally different ingredients such as flamed Mediterranean vegetables. This food truck can also be rented for any type of event.

Le Cheese

le cheese

Le Cheese offers classic dishes where the main ingredient is cheese, as its name suggests. This truck offers everything from macaroni and cheese to grilled cheese. In this way, they present to their clients the excellent quality of cheeses that Montral has and how they can be used in different dishes, such as even accompanied by bisctec.


das food truck

Dasfoostruck is a slightly more revolutionary style of food truck than the others. This company has 3 trucks that go through the streets of Montreal every day. the names of these trucks are Schnitzel Truck, Burger Truck and Bacon Truck. Each of these trucks has earned its own reputation and showcases new take on Montreal’s more traditional dishes, such as poutine.

The smoking BBQ

the smoking bbq

The smoking BBQ specializes in grills from the American Southeast and they serve delicious dishes such as pulled pork, smoked chicken breast, smoked bacon, smoked ribs, among other types of meats that undoubtedly taste spectacular. Most of the menu consists of meats that are smoked for many hours at low temperatures to obtain perfect cooking and enhance all the natural flavors. Their signature dish is the “pulled pork poutine” which won the award for best poutine in Quebec.