When we talk about Montreal, the first things that come to mind are its incredible urban parks, its vibrant community, and of course, its International Film Festival. Montreal is a little box of surprises. Walking through its streets and avenues allows us to discover not only the beauty of its architecture, but also its varied and wide gastronomy. The French heritage of its cuisine and the incorporation of foods from other latitudes make Montreal the ideal destination to try many dishes and understand why it is so delicious to gain weight here. Yes, just as you read it, eating in Montreal is an almost divine experience. Although Vancouver is a city in the other corner of Canada, you also can find food from Montreal right there. If you visit that city do not doubt in booking a tour with Food Tour Vancouver.

La Poutine

la poutine

While it is true that this dish is eaten all over Canada, the preparation of this delicacy in Montreal is simply amazing. It is considered by many to be the true fast food of Montreal. The combination of ingredients is perfect, chips on top of which are placed pieces of cheese and finally, they receive a warm bath of meat sauce.

It is an energetic dish, it provides a lot of calories to the body, but it feels like a much-needed warm hug on cold days. This dish is usually accompanied by other foods, to the taste of the consumer. Some add pieces of sausage, veal, beef, even other sausages. Others, looking for the healthiest option, only add vegetables, such as onions, mushrooms, chilies, peas or corn.



With the arrival of the Jewish community in Montreal, the addition of Bagels to the menu was almost immediate. Bagels are bread rolls that are usually filled with other foods, usually sausages, and on which they are sprinkled with sauces of different kinds. Montreal Bagels are delicious and have nothing to envy to those baked in New York. The texture of this donut is very soft and fluffy, this is thanks to the water used for the dough and the fact that it is baked in wood that gives it that unbeatable touch.



This dish turns out to be the tastiest contribution of European cuisine that came to this city. Pastrami is, in simple words, smoked meat. As we said before, Montreal gastronomy is to make you happy, not to make you thinner.

Is there anything more delicious than a sandwich stuffed with smoked meat? Well, the Montreal version is a delight. Imagine this for a moment: white bread or rustic bread, some slices of super seasoned smoked meat, and a touch of the best mustard. You take your first bite of the sandwich and watch the meat juices and mustard run through your fingers. For this and much more, Montreal’s smoked meat is very popular among all kinds of diners, both local and foreign.



This specialty is normally served during the Christmas season, but in Montreal, and in general throughout Quebec, it is possible to prepare or buy it throughout the year. Montreal-style Tourtiere is a pork pie. This delicacy resembles a quiche in appearance. But in this case, it is prepared with small pieces of pork, or ground meat, which are placed in a pan to brown. Then water, cinnamon and cloves are added to give it that flavor that any palate will fall in love with, no matter how demanding it may be.

The versatility of this dish is that pork is not always the protagonist. Depending on the season and availability, it can also be prepared with beef, fish, rabbit. This Montreal dish is often accompanied with maple syrup, and even honey. The combination of maple syrup and this meatloaf blows your mind, and best of all, you’ll always ask for a little more.

Onion and cabbage soup

onion and cabbage soup

Not everything in Montreal is energy food, high in calories and high in protein, it also has healthy and simple alternatives on its menu such as onion and cabbage soup. It is an easy dish to prepare but very good, ideal for cold and fresh days. In Montreal, this soup is usually accompanied with lots of cheese and rustic bread. Simply delicious and makes you feel at home. Don’t forget to try this dish if you are in Montreal.